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What are people saying about Webfuser?

 "You guys have developed a great tool here - is dead easy to use and I can already see it's going to be really extendable for us in future too." - Gus, New Zealand

"Webfuser is a fantastic software and the support is perfect." - Rafael, Spain

"Thank you very much for your help and support so far, webfuser is a great product." - Brent, New Zealand

"...your software is significantly better than anything on the market..." - Martin, UK

"Thank you for the quick response.  I am excited that I finally find a product on the market that fits my needs." - Richard, USA

"What I have seen already is how other RAD environments should be." - James, Australia

"...I really like the webfuser software and it has resolved my problem with Data access over the internet." - Terence, UK

"...this tool is great for non-programmers and is very powerful even for programmers. Lots of potential with minimal coding. Love it!" - Paresh, USA

How do you do it with Webfuser?

See Webfuser in Action

Watch a fast-paced demonstration of Webfuser (flash plugin required). 

In-place development

Create and modify your site while you browse it.  Most development environments have you develop in isolation ... you have to compile, publish, run and debug separately.  Webfuser is an interactive environment which allows you to switch to design mode from within your browser and make changes with your data and application live.

No coding ... Simply make choices

Webfuser has a very easy to use and understand configuration approach to creating your applications.  Add it ... configure it ... click save.  It's that easy.

Collaborative development

Webfuser allows more than one person to simultaneously work on a web application.  No more waiting.  One person can be laying out pages while another configures the data connections.  Prototyping and RAD have never been easier now that all you have to do to see the latest design changes is a browser refresh.

Multiple data sources .. your sources

Webfuser can access multiple data sources within a site, a page and even a form:

  • SQL Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Oracle, MS Access, Excel
  • File Based: XML, CSV
  • Web Services with dynamic schema discovery
  • Generic data sources: OLEDB, ODBC

Simple, easy reporting to PDF or Excel

You can produce downloadable or email PDF and Excel reports using the same layout of your pages by simply adding a button to your page. 

Multilingual capabilities

Webfuser allows you to customize any aspect of your web applications for any number of languages.  For example you change the text, column width and data source for data in a form to suit the language of the user accessing the application.  Make these changes directly on the page while accessing the application in design mode.  Switch languages and customize for a third nationality.

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