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Webfuser 2.6

Serious web application development made simple!

Webfuser is Inuvia Technologies' flagship product for providing professionals and "determined novices" alike with an easy to use web development system.  Webfuser allows users to publish dynamic information to internal or external customers without having to write any source code or cryptic scripts. 

Change your site while you use it.

Webfuser allows you to change your site while you use it in your browser.  No client-site development tools or ActiveX controls are needed.

Let others change their own information.

With 'classic' web development, the web master must make all of the changes and then deploy the website on their schedule. With Webfuser, multiple users can work on a site (or even parts of the same page) simultaneously on their own schedule.

Let Webfuser take care of the details.

Webfuser provides all of the site layout, navigation, database connectivity for you.  You can focus on the 'high-level' design and implementation.  You get to think about site and page design topics not 'where is my missing </table> tag' type issues.

Based on proven technology.

Webfuser is built on the Microsoft .NET 3.5 platform and can be installed on Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7, Vista, XP Professional or Windows XP Media Edition computers.

Connect to existing data sources

Webfuser can connect to any number of datasources including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server / Server Express
  • Microsoft Office Access / Excel
  • Oracle
  • OLEDB (including: MySQL)
  • ODBC
  • XML (including REST web services)
  • Web Services (SOAP)


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